POP Shoes here, welcome to our first blog post!   

Naturally, as with any great light up sneaker, a great blog should follow suit and that’s exactly what were here to do! We want our POP! fans to be a part of the journey, taking steps with us along the way as we light up the sneaker industry one step at a time. So this blog is dedicated to all of YOU, our POP! believers.  Not too long ago, POP! were born with a big vision in mind. For one, we realized that sneakers are not just fashion, but a culture. A philosophy that we live by and believe in, but with an extra POP!. The LED light up sneaker craze has been poppin’ (or should we say ‘lighting up’) for quite some time now. The futuristic yet timeless styles have gained lots of attention in recent years. Ranging from haute-couture fashion houses like Chanel, all the way to every sneaker head’s favorite brand Nike.  What makes us different from other sneaker brands is our passion for connecting with the consumers and fostering a sense of community with the people who will be wearing our shoes.

We want POP! to have a timeless look and our goal is to create versatile premium light up shoes that can be paired with any outfit. POP! allow members of all demographics to express themselves whole heartedly with the various styles and colors. Whether you decide to keep the lights on or off, you’re bound to feel comfortable, stylish, and put together.  At POP! we get you. We understand the struggle of finding a pair of shoes that can be worn throughout the whole day. From the office to the bar, we never want you to second guess your shoe style. We want you to walk happy and comfortable in our luxury light up shoes. 

Until then, walk on.
The POP! Team.