If there is one thing that gets us excited for summer, it’s all the music festivals! This can be the highlight for many, especially because the schedule is made for you and you don’t have to think about planning anything. Well, except your outfit! Music brings people together to move and groove and sing some tunes! But besides the killer performances and allowing us to live carefree, music festivals are a great opportunity to show off your fashion game from head to toe. Magazines, bloggers, influencers, and more love this time of year because they can scope out the latest fashion festival trends; who is wearing what, how they are wearing it, and how to recreate it for future festivals. 

If you’re familiar with festival season, then you know that it kicks off with Coachella. It may be famous for having top musicians perform, frolicking around the dessert in flower crowns, or bringing together all A-list celebs. But to be honest, Coachella ultimately sets the fashion trends for all the festivals that come after it. Deciding what to wear to a festival can be a challenge in itself. The importance to look fashionably chic and cool, but also comfortable to last you through the whole day and night. Not to mention, walking around festival grounds can be draining. Especially if you’re in the same pair of shoes all day, so thank god for sneakers! Regardless of your stellar outfit choice, sneakers that were all over the Coachella grounds this year were Adidas and Converse. Comfortable, classic, and easy to throw on, these sneakers never disappoint and are the perfect item to finish an outfit. But, if you were fortunate enough to attend Coachella, and happened to spot Brandi Cyrus at the Neon Carnival, she finished her outfit by lighting up the night in POP! Low Gold Digger Leather Shoes! Paired with pink shorts, a fun tee, and black bomber jacket, Brandi looked bang on and made POP! a Coachella must have! You can check her out on her Instagram account @brandicyrus and give her photo a like!