If you’re anything like us, then you love Instagram. There is nothing better than a picture that tells a story, that can be shared universally and catch your attention within seconds. As Instagram addicts ourselves, we can spend countless hours scrolling up and down our account (@mypopshoes); liking photos, leaving comments on the latest fashion trends, celebrity outfits, or coolest sneakers, and just seeing what the buzz is throughout the day.

All this to say, Instagram can always surprise you with exciting news. News when you least expect it, and that’s exactly what happened to POP!. Like most of us, or at least we think, when the day has come to an end and you’re able to kick off your LED light-up sneakers, you end up thumbing through Instagram. Scrolling through our account like any other time, we spotted from a distance what looked to be Low Pink Fizz Leather LED POP! on stage, facing thousands of screaming fans. We took a second look. Is this possible? Are we seeing POP shoes on the DNCE Instagram account (@DNCE)? Yes, DNCE! The band with Joe Jonas as the lead singer, the ever so popular hit Cake by The Ocean (Not to mention, it is one of our favourite songs to play in the office!). After a little freak out and “OMG” “OMG” “OMG”, we had to take action! If you’re not familiar with the members of DNCE, they have a pretty rad guitarist named JinJoo, who seems to be a POP! fan! Investigating a little more, we landed on JinJoo’s Instagram account (@jinjootheguitargirl) and found many more pictures of her in POP!. A few “OMG”’s happened again, and then we calmed down and took action! We had to get in contact with Jinjoo, so we made the bold move of directly messaging her on Instagram. Not expecting to hear back from her, but fingers crossed we would, we woke up the following morning to a response expressing her love for our shoes! We won’t lie, we felt pretty cool too! Needless to say, maybe spending countless hours scrolling up and down Instagram is the way to go, because now we have one of the coolest girls in the music industry rocking POP!, and lighting up the DNCE stage!