This spring at Paris Fashion Week we learnt that heels are out and sneakers are in! Street style has become a new fashion phenomenon, especially sneakers. One major trend that was all over Paris Fashion Week was the blending of formal outfits with sneakers. What was seen as unacceptable in the fashion industry, has now become the latest fashion craze. Beautiful high end suits have been paired with Stan Smith’s, to make outfits seem more relaxed and less formal, and extremely appealing to the eye. The idea of mixing street style with classic, contemporary outfits has become a fashion domination. In the fashion industry, sneakers are no longer seen just for the athletic, or the street style sneaker heads, but an appeal for everyone from every fashion domain. The notion that sneakers can be visually appealing; simple, bold, eclectic, but mostly comfortable is what grabs everyone’s attention to them, and what makes everyone want to wear sneakers with every outfit. Sneakers have begun to constitute a crucial part of modern fashion. From luxury sneakers, to classic sneakers that are affordable to everyone, they are leading the fashion industry one step at a time.

As Paris Fashion Week was continuing to impress, smaller boutiques and concept stores gain attraction and appeal from all the locals and tourists. If you’re familiar with Paris and their popular boutique/concept stores, then there is one in particular that is admired by all. Located on Rue Saint- Honore, one of Paris’s top fashion spots is Colette. A concept store, also known as the ‘cult store’ of Paris, which is full of dynamic energy, creative displays, and a chic mix of fashion, which brings in constant flow of tourists and locals alike. Many fashion influencers such as Comme Des Garcons, Gucci, and Frame, are just a few brands featured in Colette. During this time, POP! were highlighted in Colette, being displayed in their front window! It was a pivotal moment when we realized that our LED light-up sneakers have all the potential to ‘make it’ in the fashion industry. So, as the Paris days came to an end, and all the store lights were off, POP! continued to shine bright.