The day in the life of a POP! photo shoot is both exciting and exhausting. For one, it requires a lot of planning! From strategically scheduling all locations, to deciding what props will be needed to pair with the style of shoes, a vision is always needed! That’s why we work with one of the best full-service production teams in Montreal, 5 Pound Media

They may be a team of just two super cool fellas, but with their creative and dynamic minds, every project is complete with 100% exertion and very satisfied POP! clients. 5 Pound Media says it best, “Our goal is pretty simple: we want to help you achieve that catalyst moment that propels your business to the stratosphere.” Well, when you’re a brand that makes LED light-up sneakers, you definitely feel like every step you take reaches the stratosphere, so 5 Pound Media, we feel you guys on that one! Now, enough praise about the boys. Let’s get back to discussing photo shoot day. POP! must be charged up and ready to go! They are the models of the day, after all. 

10AM rolls around, and the sun was out and we were ready to go! Like any good photographer knows, lighting is key. We took full advantage of the big windows with the sun shining down, and began. With all POP! charged and ready to go, we began to place the shoes and different props on the board to give a visual appeal and a story behind each photo. Each picture was better than the next, and it was time to move to a different location. The space that we were working out of, the lobbies had beautiful dark wooden floors and dim lights. It was the perfect opportunity to take some shots of the shoes with the lights on, and did we ever get crazy pictures! Finally, after a quick lunch break, we headed outside. Our photographers were super amped about outdoor pictures. Doing absolutely anything to get the perfect creative shot; jumping over the camera and running on walls, there was no stopping them. We have to admit, the risky parkour moves were definitely worth it. The end of the day brought us to one of our favourite local coffee shops. As the sun started to come down, drinking our lattes on the back patio, we took our final photos and called this photo shoot a day! 

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