Sometimes, it’s hard to believe that Coachella started as a music festival. The annual desert dance party has arguably built its international influence more through its star sightings and style than its stages. The New York Times declared that festival season should be added to the fashion calendar, with every brand from H&M to Gucci getting on the trend. When did we all become so woke to Coachella?

Consider this: an estimated 600,000 festival goers will be drawn to Coachella this year. It is a bonafide cultural phenomena. Among the attendees will be Millennial and Generation Z fashion icons like Kendall Jenner, Jaden Smith, and Gigi and Bella Hadid. It is like stepping into a fashion advertisement: unapologetic youth and exposed skin, abundant sunshine and beauty., pretty girl on a guy’s shoulders in crowds. Could anything possibly be more alive?

The above narrative is paying off for fashion brands capturing the imagination —and obsession— of global youth hoping to emulate their idols. Last April, there was a 42 percent increase in “festival items” compared to April 2015. Cut-off denim, dungarees and fringed anything sold out everywhere. With so much saturation, Coachella and festival fashion has taken a more modern look this year. Think: less flower crowns, more floral prints and items you’ll actually want to wear after the party ends.

If you already have your wardrobe on lock, the best way to freshen up your festival fashion is with accessories. To get you inspired, here are our top five Coachella accessory trends for 2017.

The 90s necklace isn’t going anywhere this festival season, though we suggest opting for a daintier option like a pastel colour, sparkle or bejewelled. It is summer, after all. Also, don’t feel left out, gentlemen — British retailer ASOS has a line of “man chokers” made just for you!

Yellow-tinted Sunglasses
Keep it light and summery by opting for a pair of yellow tinted sunglasses like Kylie Jenner and Bella Hadid. Square is too… well, square for Coachella. Take the edge off your look with a pair of round sunglasses. (The bigger, the better.) If that’s too out there, aviators are also huge this season.

Light-up Shoes
In today’s streetwear-dominated fashion market, a killer pair of kicks is key for any event — Coachella or otherwise. Nothing pairs with the lasers and glow sticks of nighttime festival shows better than light-up shoes. They will literally set you apart from the crowd, which can be great when your friends are looking for you and nobody’s cell phones are working anymore. (Smart, right?) We suggest the white Drummond platform shoe. Feeling really festival festive? Go with the Fairy Dust Drummond — the name says it all. And yes, Tove Lo sported a pair on stage with Wiz Khalifa

Bucket Hats
According to Vogue UK, your Coachella shopping list should be more of a ‘bucket list’. Yes, bucket hats are back. (Will the 90s trend, ever end? Correct answer: no, d’uh.) While you can choose to buck the look in your day-to-day life, during festival season they actually serve the pragmatic purpose of protecting you from the sun.

Waist Bags
The waist bag —or the artist formerly known as the fanny pack— is a huge streetwear trend for 2017. (See: every Highsnobiety editorial ever.) Trade in your cross-body clutch for this more practical pouch, which will keep all your belongings safe no matter how many stages you swan dive off of or mosh pits you get messy in.