Tis the season for parties, potlucks and pomp. From Christmas cocktails to Hanukkah hangouts, the holidays are rife with opportunities to dress up and get down. Usually, outfits for dudes are pretty traditional. Think: turtlenecks and tuxes. For ladies, it’s all about glitter and glam. (Ugly Christmas sweaters need not apply.)

But what does that even mean? What does that look like? Usually, it’s a mad scramble the night-of trying to find something decent before running to the mall. At POP!, we always want to help you take a step in the right direction and put your best foot forward. That’s why for the holidays 2016, we put together a list of the season’s top trends. Because you always want to look hot (read: FIRE), no matter how cold it is outside.


The Dress

Velvet has always been a holiday staple. As Elle points out, it also happens to be the biggest trend of the season. Win? Win. If you don’t already have a velvet cocktail dress, you can look for some style inspo on the runways of Giorgio Armani or Rochas... or just check out your local H&M.

The Jumpsuit

Consider the jumpsuit your one-stop holiday shop for outfits. From Khloe Kardashian to January Jones, Refinery 29 highlights the celebrities are putting away their separates and opting for one-piece outfits. Take the plunge with a drastically low neckline and accessorize with loud jewelry and fire footwear to make the look… POP!

The Shoes

Why go glittery when you can go for gold? Vogue Paris named metallic shine as one of the hottest trends for winter 2016, as seen on the runways of Balenciaga, Dolce & Gabbana and Michael Kors. These low-top Gold Digger kicks from POP!

...and Gentlemen

The Jacket

It seems increasingly, as gender lines are blurred in fashion, trends for gals apply to guys — and vice versa. There is no better example of this in 2016 than velvet. While some may consider the fabric a little soft (read: feminine) for their taste, Vogue Paris points out that designers from Fendi to Alexander McQueen are upping the volume on velour. For your holiday outfit, integrate the style with a velvet blazer in classic black, navy or opt for something more seasonal like red.

The Sweater

Not everybody wants to wear a suit and tie for the season. Hey, dressing ‘up’ doesn’t have to be up-tight. Vogue US says for the holiday season, you should ‘check’ yourself before you wreck yourself. Plaid is the power pattern of the season, and you can grab some tight tartans on a tight budget at Zara.

The Shoes

For the festive fashion killa who’s equally High Snobiety and high society, check out these black low top Licorice leather shoes from POP! With the LEDs off, they’re classic and classy. Turn them on to get the party turnt! They’re dope under all sorts of duds, from tuxes to cropped trousers.