We put the ‘POP’ into pop-up shop at the “Cars 3 Fashion Pit Stop” in Los Angeles. Running June 9 to June 18 (Father’s Day) at Sportie LA, Disney created a stylish and speedy retail experience that immersed adult audiences in fashion and footwear themed around the animated automobile film. POP Shoes was invited to collaborate alongside other amazing brands like Illest, LA Rocks, Members Only, New Balance and more.


POP Shoes’ founder Vanessa Ades was at the “Cars 3 Fashion Pit Stop” launch party and it was as lit as our kicks. An estimated 800 attendees, including LA’s top bloggers, media, influencers and celebrities, flowed in and out of the racing-themed pop-up shop — and everything was in the details. Think: checkerboard napkins, tables shaped like wheels, a bar out the back of a pick-up truck and a Cars graffiti wall. Definitely one of the top events we’ve ever been to.

Disney hopes to drive adult attention to the film with the “Cars 3 Fashion Pit Stop” and POP Shoes was a perfect fit. We are experts in connecting the joy of youth with a more mature audience; light-up shoes are most often associated with childhood, but we make them in sizes and styles that can be worn by fun and fashion-loving kids of all ages. 

“Our colour ways worked really well with ‘Cars 3’ —the blues and reds and whites and blacks— and the flashing bottoms are like headlights,” says Vanessa Ades. “Our shoes are a fun product that kids and adults can get into, much like the film.”


And everybody was racing to grab a pair of POP Shoes! Nick and Vanessa Lachey were both eyeing some for themselves, and since the event has been open to the public, they have been zooming out the door.

Check out all the snaps from the “Cars 3 Fashion Pit Stop” on Instagram with the hashtags #Cars3andSportieLA and #DisneyPixar.