Pop Shoes Lights Up Miami

It has been one crazy month for POP! We have been very busy attending trade shows, and recently came back from the Agenda trade show in Miami, which proved to be a huge success! We arrived home with new ideas, contacts, and a lot to look forward to in the POP! future. Like any company, it is always important to establish a presence, which is why trade shows are extremely important for our success. It is important to recognize that any visitor to our booth could potentially be a future customer, and future customers can establish the direction that our company will go in. 

Wynwood Miami, an Art District that is a must see if you’re ever in the area, is one of the most creative communities in the United States. The cultural and alternative aspect of the area makes it a must see, so it makes perfect sense that AGENDA picked this location for their 2016 Miami trade show. What used to be a warehouse and manufacturing district has now transformed into beautiful spaces dedicated to art galleries, clothing stores and walls full of striking and vibrant graffiti. Walking down the streets, you can easily become distracted by the attraction and uniqueness of this area. As a tourist (and I’m sure even a local) it makes you want to explore each and every street because you run the risk of missing out on perfect selfie opportunities and future posts for your Instagram account.

When the POP! team was not catching rays, walking around Wynwood shops, or swimming in the ocean, we were selling away at our booth at the AGENDA show. The exhibition had a variety of brands, ranging from well-known established companies, to various new start-ups. The diversity and variety of the booths made this trade show the place to be seen - full of buyers, media, and the one and only Rick Ross. There were many products and product lines that caught a lot of people’s attention, especially POP!. But, there was one particular thing that made everyone stop, stare, and Snapchat as they would walk down aisle “G”. Firstly, if you’re not aware of what POP! is all about, aside from light up shoes being our favourite thing, dogs would have to be our second fave. POP! employees get easily distracted & excited when any furry friend is in our presence. Fortunately, or unfortunately for productivity purposes, the POP! booth was placed directly across from another booth that was home to the cute and expressive French bull dog, Bruce, who came into the trade show everyday wearing his jean jacket decked in pins (not to mention, a POP! pin too!). He was truly the cutest mascot who lured many potential buyers into our area of the show. But besides Bruce being an attraction, POP! Can definitely say that our light-up shows proved to be a jaw dropper and eye stopper for everyone who walked past our booth. With the Spring 2016, Fall 2016, and Spring 2017 collection on display, the appeal and uniqueness of each collection truthfully made walkers stop, stare, and walk into our booth to learn more about POP! and the story behind the brand that created high quality, fashionable light-up shoes for everyone.

If you plan on attending the Liberty trade show in Las Vegas, be sure to check out POP!. Follow us on Instagram @mypopshoes to find out our booth number closer to the date. We look forward to meeting you there!

Until then,

Walk Happy!