Remember a few blog posts back when we shared the exciting news about the band DNCE? And we mentioned how their guitarist, JinJoo, is a major POP! fan? Well, the POP! team finally got to meet her, and the whole band as well! What started as some Instagram banter months ago, lead us backstage at the Selena Gomez concert, excitingly waiting to meet DNCE, and especially our girl JinJoo (@jinjootheguitargirl).

After patiently waiting outside their dressing room, the door opened and JinJoo popped out! The POP! team was excited to finally meet the girl who happens to love rocking POP! on stage. Jinjoo invited us into the dressing room where we were greeted by the whole DNCE band (and yes, that does include Joe Jonas). We hung out with the band for a couple of minutes and gave them their selected pairs of Black Licorice Low Tops to match their wardrobe.

Luckily enough, next door to their room was the dressing room for Bea Miller, a past contestant on The X Factor. She also opened for Selena Gomez on tour. More importantly, though, Bea is a new POP! fan too! We joined JinJoo in handing Bea a pair of White Chiclet High Tops and Pink Fizz Low tops. She screeched in excitement and couldn’t thank us enough! Bea also has the cutest puppy named Ollie, just in case you wanted to know a new fun fact about her.

After handing the shoes to the guys, we made our way into the venue with our VIP passes. As we walked to the stage, tons of people stopped us to ask us where they could purchase our shoes. We waited anxiously with our fingers crossed to see if JinJoo would wear our shoes on stage with DNCE.

After listening to Bea Miller’s magical voice, it was finally time for DNCE. The lights went off and the excitement began!  Then it happened; Black Licorice Low Tops on JinJoo’s feet, flashing away! We went a little crazy; we were so excited! Our light up shoes were on stage in front of over 20 thousand people! Jumping, dancing, and grooving, JinJoo POP!’ed away on the stage and we were in absolute ecstasy watching her.

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