Fall is around the corner. The crisp air and fallen leaves will be showing up in no time, leaving you to wonder what new pair of sneakers you should get for the season. Not that you need to think very hard though, because the POP! Fall 2016 collection will be making its debut in no time. But before we launch the collection, a photo shoot with the new collection was in order. Back at it with our favourite videographer and photographer duo team, 5PoundMedia, we made our way to the studio to shoot some dope photos for our social media accounts, as well as our e-commerce website

With Chance the Rapper in the background playing our favourites, we got to business. Since these photos are for the Fall Collection, we curated photos that followed that theme. Using different props like textured warm neutral tone rugs, wooden boxes, and wall paper as backdrops to put the sneakers on, these pictures were next level.  We cannot wait to share them with you! Whether the lights were on or off, this collection definitely makes us excited to get lit for fall time.

After our studio shoot was complete, it was time to take these sneakers to the streets of Old Montreal! First stop, CREW. Crew is not only a collective space for businesses, entrepreneurs, or students to do work, but it is also a delicious café. Located in a beautiful and inspiring building, it definitely made us turn our lights on and become full of ideas for photos. CREW may have not been the most ideal location to shoot light up sneakers, since the atmosphere was very sophisticated and quiet with professionals and students, but that didn’t stop us. We got some great shots in there! How could we not take advantage of the fantastic space?

Afterwards, we roamed the streets of our beautiful city, walking in and out of alleys and finding more unique places to shoot. The 5poundmedia guys are always creative and have a great eye for discovering great places to take pictures that will work well with POP!. That’s why we love them!

Be sure to follow us on our Instagram account @mypopshoes, to catch some of our photoshoot pictures and others! Also, get excited becuase #POPFALL2016 will be POP'in in no time!