If there is one celebrity who has gained mega stardom from YouTube, you would look no further than Justin Bieber. The celebrity who get’s every teen girl’s heart rate pumping and feet moving, recently went back on tour and decided to do something special at each stop. If you were fortunate enough to attend a Purpose concert, then you were fortunate enough to watch contest winners dance with Justin onstage. Contestants had to upload a video on YouTube, dancing to tour’s creative director and Choreographer, Nick Demoura’s choreography to Bieber’s dance routine of the song “Children”. During that time, our Facebook page was filled with video’s of kids dancing to the choreography and asking to spread the love.

4 days before Purpose made it’s way to Montreal, contestants were revealed. Amazingly enough, all 4 winners were from the same dance studio.  H4L Dance Studio, a vibrant and active dance studio for kids had 4 students who would be experiencing something they would never expect, the opportunity to dance with Justin Bieber in front of an audience of over 21,000 people. When POP! heard that the winners were revealed, and already being in contact with “Purpose” backup dancers, who were excited to receive their own LED light-up sneakers, we thought it would be great to gift the 4 contestants with a pair of POP! too. After getting in contact with the owner of H4L studios and telling her the exciting news that we wanted to give the contestants High Black Licorice POP! to wear on stage, she was all for it and was beyond excited!

Once the show started, the venue went wild! Bieber was right in front of our eyes and we could no longer hold in our excitement! Singing and dancing in our light-up sneakers, we couldn’t sit down. Not to mention, every time we turned around another person was commenting on how awesome POP! are. Finally, the time came to see the H4L dancers perform with Justin. Luckily enough for us, we were up close to the stage and had perfect visibility to the dancers and the shoes. As the crowd went wild for the winners as they walked on stage, we were just as excited to see POP! only inches away from the Bieber himself! The dancers performed incredibly, and the smiles on their faces as they danced next to one of their role-models was really unbelievable to watch!

Throughout the performance and until the following day, our phones began to ring and buzz non stop. Our friends and family were voicing their excitement for us, and how they couldn’t believe the magic that happened . But to be honest, if it wasn’t for the amazing H4L dancers POP’ing away on stage in POP!, then none of this could have happened. Big congratulations to the crew for being so amazing and talented, and an even bigger thank you to crew for wanting to wear POP! on stage with Bieber.