Not many concept stores change the interior of their store every four to eight weeks. But then again, not every store is Story. Located in Manhattan’s 10th Ave, this store is anything but ordinary. If anything, it’s extraordinary. Similar to how an art gallery would change their selection every few weeks, Story does the same, but by focusing on different retail concepts each time.

From june 6th until july 24th, POP! was featured in Story’s store. With the concept focusing on Disruption, the store’s theme transformed into USA’s award-winning series, MR. ROBOT. All articles sold in Story related to disruptive creatives, technologists, and entrepreneurs who explore the people, objects, and ideas that ultimately shape our future.

Many celebrities walk through the Story doors, but one celebrity in particular seemed to be very impressed with POP!. After receiving a phone call from a friend, explaining that we immediately must add Jessica Alba on Snapchat, we knew we were going to see something exciting! Within seconds, we had a new addition to our Snapchat feed and we couldn’t believe our eyes! Multiple 10 second videos from Jessica’s Snapchat at Story was her introducing POP! to all her Snapchat followers.  One video in particular was of Jessica showing off the Low Gold Digger leather POP! And Low Black Licorice Leather POP! With emoji’s floating on top of the shoes saying ‘LOVE’ and the fire emoji. Her next video was of her dancing in Low Gold Digger Leather POP!. At that moment, we wished we were dancing with her! Her excitement in the shoes made us watch the Snapchat story over and over again.

As excited as we were to see her in POP!, there was no confirmation yet that Jessica purchased a pair of shoes, even though we were hoping that would be the case. It was only the following morning when we opened our Snapchat Story and landed on Jessica Alba being back at home with her two daughters, all dancing and kicking their feet in Low Gold Digger Leather POP! that confirmed she made the purchase! The cuteness was too much to handle, and we’re so ecstatic to see that Jessica not only purchased a pair for herself, but for her two girlies as well.

The mother-daughter trio team definitely made POP! Look adorable and fun, and sneakers that should be on everyone’s feet!