We don’t know about you guys, but here at POP!, we’re major Justin Bieber fans. After anxiously waiting three years for another world tour, he finally made his stop here in Montreal, Canada. With ‘The Purpose’ Tour, Justin kills it from head to toe in both dance moves and style. Concertgoers can find Justin dancing in Fear of God designer, Jerry Lorenzo created custom looks, which express a skateboard/grunge style. Outfits are always paired with Adidas Boost sneakers as well. But let’s put Justin to the side for a second, because we’re really here to talk about the fantastic Purpose backup dancers.

When we heard that the Purpose tour was making their way to Montreal, Canada, we knew we had to get POP! on those dancers. They wouldn’t be able to wear POP! on stage, but we figured with their crazy dance moves and our LED light-up sneakers, it would be a perfect match regardless. These guys would definitely appreciate a pair to show on their active Instagram accounts that are full of dance videos, photo-shoots, and daily activities on tour. Luckily for us, we were already following many of the dancers and in contact with a few. We decided to reach out to Jake Landgrebe, who we were immediately drawn to with his ginger hair and cornrows- he is too cool! Jake was excited to hear from us, and expressing how our shoes are “dope,” especially the High White Chiclet Leather style POP!. He was up to meeting with us the day of the show to get himself a pair- AMAZING! He then mentioned how he showed the shoes to other dancers, and a lot of them wanted a pair for themselves. Butterflies started to fly in our stomachs as we were prepping the shoes in the office. We couldn’t believe we would soon be driving to the venue to meet some of the most talented dancers in the world; not to mention dancers who dance with Justin Bieber himself.

As we packed the car with different sizes and styles of LED light-up sneakers, we thought it would only be right to meet them with a bag of bagels too. Yes, you heard right…bagels. If you’re not familiar with Montreal and some of our food specialties, bagels would have to be at the top! With the bagels now in the car, we were on our way! As we reached the venue, we could see fans anxiously waiting outside in hopes of meeting the Biebs. They didn’t get Justin, but they got Jake (@jakelandgrebe) and backup dancer Mona Bernsten (@monabernsten). The fans went wild, and here we were casually calling them by name like we were best friends and asking them to meet us across the street in the parking lot. As we opened the car trunk, excitement in their eyes widened, and you can tell they were ready to be POP! owners! As we handed Jake the High White Chiclet shoes, and Mona a pair of Gold Digger Low Tops and Chukka White Knits, they put on the shoes and then showed off their impressive dance skills. We all became so excited! Exchanging laughs, bagels and POP! sizes, we realized that they are no different than us. The hustle and bustle of tour life is real, just like how the hustle and bustle of the light-up sneaker industry life is real.