Are you the optimistic, confident, energetic type? If so, then we introduce you to The Sherbrooke - Sanguine Red. This chukka neoprene style is the perfect light up shoe for anyone who loves to embrace their originality and bring something new to their everyday life. Sanguine Red is all about wanting to add more to this world, making it one of the perfect colour tones to use for the POP! Fall 2016 collection. Because we too, want to add more to this world.

We paired this colour tone with the POP! neoprene collection, because the neoprene fabric is quite original in itself. If you’re unfamiliar with neoprene, let us share with you that prior to it becoming one of fashion’s newest trends, it would only be worn or seen in the water. Yes, that’s right, we’re talking about bathing suits and wet suits! Taking a step back from the water, and focusing more on land, neoprene can now be seen from head to toe in the fashion industry or on the streets, making it a new fashion staple and craze.

Neoprene has become an increasing popular style for fashion today, and the perfect addition to your fall/winter wardrobe. The fabric fits like a glove making it impossible for the chilly air to get to your ankles, yet is still soft, flexible and light weighted to wear. What more could you possibly want as we get closer to chilly weather! The fabric also stays true to the original design, making it everlasting.

So forget about hitting the surfboards! Let’s hit the streets in The Sherbrooke - Sanguine Red!

Be sure to also check out the rest of The Sherbrooke collection on our website, as well as the full POP! Fall 2016 collection.

Keep adding light to the world with us, and bring something new by wearing a pair of POP!