POP! Shoes Spring 2017 Spring Collection is Approaching!

Spring 2017 may be far away, but when it comes to POP!, nothing is considered too far. Every shoe collection that is created comes with months of crafting, envisioning, arranging, traveling, and putting together photo-shoots and look books. In order to prepare for our trade shows over the summer, our Spring 2017 look book had to be created, which resulted in two full days of photo shoots.

We did both editorial and lifestyle shoots. By the end of the two days, it’s safe to say that we have a love/hate relationship when it comes to photo shoots. We’re OK with that, though. Working with our favourite team, 5PoundMedia, the boys were ready to click the camera button and get the shoot rolling. Before that could start, the longest job of the day was setting up and positioning the lights to make sure the photos would come out perfect. After an hour of moving, fixing and moving again; we were ready.

With hip-hop tunes playing in the background, it was time to debut the Spring 2017 earth tone collection to the camera lens. The collection and the camera definitely hit it off. Every picture taken was full of detail, and with the lights on the shoes, it really POP’ed. From front, back, side, and angled shots of each style of shoe, it all looked so good! It definitely it made us wish spring 2017 were coming sooner!

After a morning full of shooting editorial shots of the collection, we needed to make the studio a “little” livelier! Luckily for us, we were greeted with the cutest twins to be our models for POP! Kids. Hip Hop tunes turned into Taylor Swift, and the studio definitely became a lot louder! Our pals 5PoundMedia had never worked with kids before, so they didn’t know what expect. As professionals, they definitely impressed the twins with their silly face skills and dance moves. The girls giggled away as the shots were taken, and it’s pretty safe to say we captured some of the cutest photos possible!