"I was going crazy when I saw the POP! light up. It is a great invention." That’s what STITCHED Fashion camp designer Ella said when she saw her light up shoes for the first time. It’s not every day that a children’s summer design fashion camp is gifted with a pair of light up shoes to customize and design to their own appeal, and here at POP! we were very lucky to be the ones to gift them the shoes.

The creators and visionaries behind STITCHED fashion camp, Rob Younkers and Joe Zee fashioned STITCHED to allow children to build their creativity and imagination in the design world. Heading into their fourth successful summer in the Hampton’s, STITCHED Fashion Camp reached out to POP! in hopes of collaborating for their summer curriculum, and we were all for it! The summer designers ranged from ages 8-15 but there was no age limit when it came to their creativity. “My favourite part of the POP! project was designing them because it gave me a chance to be creative.” We loved hearing that, because here at POP! we’re all about creativity, and being a brand that holds uniqueness and individuality to not only our brand but to the people who wear our shoes.

When it came time for the designers to be innovative with POP!, their visions definitely came to life. Gifting the camp with White Chukka Leather POP!, the designers had a blank white canvas to work with it, and there was no holding them back! Luckily for us, STITCHED was very active on their Instagram account (@stitchedcamp) posting pictures and videos of the designers working on their shoes. We absolutely loved seeing our Instagram account (@mypopshoes) overflow with all these photos of POP!,  it put such a smile on our face whenever we came across a new photo, and it inspired us in so many ways. The designers brought POP! to life in many ways that we would have never thought ourselves. Whether changing the laces to different colors, coloring the LED light-up soles so they can shine a different colour, or making giant lips on the foot of the shoe, all pairs of shoes were distinctive to each designer taste and style. The outcome of all shoes were beyond extraordinary. STITCHED fashion designers can definitely become the face of fashion and design in the future, and even possibly POP! designers!

Thank you STITCHED Fashion Camp for welcoming the POP! brand into your summer curriculum. We loved watching POP! come to life in ways beyond our own. We hope all the designers love their shoes, and we can’t wait to see you walk happy in them!